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Solo Trip

It's OK to be single. For some, they miss being single. In major cities, population gets more concentrated but ironically they grow distant from one and another as life gets busier.

We want to break away from the monotonous routine and go to somewhere foreign where everything just seems and feels a tad more mysterious, interesting and refreshing but without the constant reminder of loneliness. 

Your Plan
When you are safe, you can fully immerse yourself in the fun and not to be in constant worry.

Fun personalization with safety as one of the top priorities. We provide you with extra pair of eyes by recommending point of interests in safer neighbourhood and more reliable routes so that you can focus more on enjoying the experience.


Places. A better lit neighbourhood, a less crime rate area, a place with presence of security personnel and also reputable operators to ensure you are always safe and in good hands.

Routes. It's not just about point A and point B but what's in between matters too. Routes are tweaked according to risk level while keeping it interesting.

Putting extra tips into your pocket on perks of travelling alone.

Did you know that single person gets fast-tracked automatically for rides at Fuji Q? It means unlimited rides with day pass.

Spend more time enjoying the fun tailored for you, and less time getting disappointed.

Sometimes, even we miss out little details about ourselves. Personalization can try to capture that, learn it and then recommend more of what you would enjoy.

Personalization. Based on historical patterns of travels and posts, common pattern can be extracted and later be used to find matches of activities, locations and food that we will find enjoyable in the close future.

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