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Belhaven Bay

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Belhaven is a village in East Lothian, Scotland, and was originally the ancient port of Dunbar of which town the village has always been a part. Belhaven takes its name from its situation at the mouth of the Biel Water. The village is home to Belhaven Hill School, an independent co-educational prep school for children between the ages of 7–13.

Belhaven originated as a subsidiary settlement of the burgh of Dunbar and was first mentioned in the 12th century as the site of the port of Dunbar and that the village had been divided into crofts and tenements. Its continued to be the port of Dunbar into the sixteenth century, when new works at Dunbar replaced it. The physical traces of Belhaven's once substantial breakwater and pier were removed by quarrying and recycling. The location of Belhaven and its distance from Dunbar, with the now drained Belhaven Loch giving a plentiful supply of water, meant that a leather tanning industry developed. In addition, many of the villagers grew enough fruit and vegetables to trade in Dunbar. The readily available water also allowed brewing to develop. The first brewers in the area were said to be the monks from the monastery on the Isle of May who had been granted land in the area.

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