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Ancient Kition

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Kition (Greek: Κίτιον, Kítion; Punic: 𐤊‬𐤕‬, kt, or 𐤊‬𐤕𐤉, kty), also known by its Latin name Citium, was a city-kingdom on the southern coast of Cyprus (in present-day Larnaca). It was established in the 13th century BC by the Greek (Achaean) settlers, after the Trojan war. According to the text on the plaque closest to the excavation pit of the Kathari site (as of 2013).

Its most famous, and probably only known, resident was Zeno of Citium, born c. 334 BC in Citium and founder of the Stoic school of philosophy which he taught in Athens from about 300 BC.

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