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Amasya Museum

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Amasya Museum, also known as Archaeological Museum of Amasya (Turkish: Amasya Müzesi or Amasya Arkeoloji Müzesi) is a national museum in Amasya, northern Turkey, exhibiting archaeological artifacts found in and around the city as well as ethnographic items related to the region's history of cultural life. Established in 1958, the museum owns nearly twenty-four thousand items for exhibition belonging to eleven historic civilizations.

In 1925, a museum depot was formed in two rooms of the madrasa within the Sultan Bayezid II Complex when a few archaeological artifacts and some Islamic era mummies were stored up together. The official establishment of the museum took place by June 1958. As more space became needed due to the increased number of items for exhibition, the inventory was transferred in 1962 to the 13th-century monumental Seljuk era-building at Gökmedrese Mosque. The museum was moved to its newly built current modern building on March 22, 1977. It was opened to the public on June 14, 1980 after rearrangement of the exhibition items in chronological order.

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